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Custom-Painted Switchplates
& Electrical Outlets

Taken for Granite owner Rob Davenport specializes in painting electrical outlets and switchplates to match your existing granite, marble, tile, tumbled stone or wood.

Each electrical unit (including plug outlet, switch and cover) is custom-colored and designed to "flow" with its particular surroundings. As a result, the entire unit is nearly invisible — a remarkable achievement of art and technology that visually restores your background material to its original, unblemished state.

Taken for Granite can enhance the beauty of your natural materials on backsplashes, cabinets or anywhere outlets are a visual problem.

  • Each outlet is custom-painted on site to match its surroundings.

  • Our meticulous 14-step process, using high-quality primers and paint, ensures a durable, washable finish that will not chip or yellow under normal conditions.

  • One-year guarantee against normal wear-and-tear.


We'll be happy to give you an estimate over the phone. Simply call us at 303.249.3431 and tell us how many outlets you have, what type (Decora, standard, single, double, triple, etc.), and the name of your stone.

Electrical Upgrades

Taken for Granite recommends specific brands and types of electrical units for the purpose of painting. These products have been tested extensively and have proven to provide the best results when painted, both in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Taken for Granite will guarantee its work ONLY if the client agrees to use the recommended electrical items.

To view these recommended electrical products, please click here.

Taken for Granite will supply all recommended parts for installation by our chosen electrician (PD Electric), your own electrician, or yourself (if you choose to change out the electrical on your own).

All installation work must be completed before work by Taken for Granite can begin.

For more information, call us at 303.249.3431

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