Client Testimonials

"I've spent a lifetime trying to hide my outlets, and now I actually want to show them off!"

—G.B., Castle Pines

"Next to my grandkids, there's nothing I love more than your outlets!"

— L.R., Littleton

"It was worth redoing the entire kitchen just for the outlets! They're absolutely beautiful!"

— B.S., Cherry Hills Farm

"People at our party refused to believe your outlets were painted. They insisted they were made from stone! It's amazing how real they look."

— S.A., Highlands Ranch

"I spent $80,000 on new kitchen cabinets, and all people want to look at are your outlets!"

— M.Z., Arvada

"You're not inexpensive, but your work is worth every penny."

— J.C., interior designer, Golden

"Your outlets are actually the coolest thing in my entire house."

— Dr. T.N., Lakewood

"First our tile guy recommended you, then our electrician, and when the plumber recommended you too, I decided it was time to give you a call!"

— D.R., Denver

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